The International Day for the Eliminating Violence against Women: The Mirabal Sisters

The Mirabal Sisters
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International Day for the Eliminating Violence against Woman on 25th of November marks the day in memory of the Sisters Mirabal, who have been brutally murdered by the dictator Rafael Trujillo om 1960. in Dominican Republic. The first International Day of Eliminating Violence against the Woman happened on the 25th of November of 1999. and since then, the tradition of paying the tribute to those in need continued. 

Who were the Mirabal sisters? Sisters Patria Mercedes, Maria Argentina, Antonia Maria Teresa and Belgica Adela “Dede”, were born and raised in Dominican Republic. Under the pseudonym “Las Mariposas”, translated to butterflies, they acted as a political activists and became widely known symbol for resistance to dictatorship happening in Dominican Republic. It was theirs revolutionary activities and constant struggle while searching for freedom and equality that got them locked up many times, together with theirs husbands. On the 25th of November 1960, Maria, Patria and Minerva got liquidated by Trujillos secret police, on the way home from the visit of the prison, where they were visiting theirs husbands. All three sisters were strangled , and theirs bodies were found with the bones broken. 

The Mirabal Sisters
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The news about the murder of the Mirabal sisters shocked the world, made it furious and ready to unite against the dictatorship. After that, the Mirabal Sisters became the symbolism of national and feminist resistance.

In the more recent years, the violence against the woman has became the widest form of endangerment of the basic human right, such as right to live, having privacy, freedom and security, equality, and so on. But still, for the most part, the violence stays unregistered. Woman reluctantly and rarely decide to report the violence, usually being scared of what might happen, or making the situation turn out worse yet, followed by the other reasons, such as economical reasons, low self-assurance and over all helplessness. UN states that more than half of all the woman that have been experiencing the violence, have suffered the consequences followed by their current or previous partners. 

Economical violence is very common, and still to this day, not well known, type of violence, that can manifest in many ways. It is caused, more or less, by the different economic relations between men and women, as the one of the examples could be found in the difference in the salaries. The existence of the differences between sexes on its own, makes the women more exposed to violence in general. Economical violence can affect both employed and unemployed women equally. But in the most cases, the victims of the economical violence are women that are unemployed, with the perpetrator believing that the unemployed women are not contributing to the household, what ultimately gives them the right to have the access and bi in the dispose of money. However, even when the victim is providing, is not uncommon thing for the perpetrator to have the control over the founds. 

The Mirabal Sisters
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The term Economical Violence, has a vide range, and it also recognizes economical exploitation which includes unpaid alimony, and all of the other forms of control which can affect the normal living. 

Economical factors, and depending economically on the partner, is one of the main reasons that keeps the partners together, but this type of violence is almost never alone, with the other types of violence being present, almost all the times. 

The UN study, from the department of the drugs and criminal, published in 2018., shows that 58% of woman that were killed in 2017. were killed by their previous partners or family members, with almost 30% of woman killed by their partner. 

The violence among women and girls is still to this day,  one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating forms of violating the basic human rights today, that keeps getting unregistered and unpunished. 

Although, gender base violence could happen to anyone and anywhere, some women are especially vulnerable – for example, young girls and older women that indentifies as homosexual, bisexual, or trans women, immigrants and refugees, ethnical minorities or girls and women living with HIV and/or disability, as well as the ones living through the crises.  

Violence against women still acts as an obstacle to achieving the sex equality, development, growth, peace, as well as the enjoying the basic human rights for all the girls and women. 

So stop the silence and raise the voice and the awareness against the violence against women. Protect them. 

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