The Plastic Flamingo – Let’s tackle marine plastic pollution!

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In today’s episode, we are here to talk about The Plastic Flamingo with Allison Tan communication & marketing associate. The Plastic Flamingo is a French social enterprise based in the Philippines. The purpose of The Plaf is to tackle marine plastic pollution. They collect the plastic and transform it into eco-lumbers and planks. 

Every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea.The plastic industry has been producing massively products that are intended to be used once and thrown away almost immediately.The problem with that fact is that plastics and microplastics are filling up our oceans and choking marine life. Birds, fish, and whales have been found dead, having their insides filled with straws, plastic bags, and wrappers.

80% of plastic waste comes from Asia.

The most plastic-polluting countries are China first, Indonesia second. Philippines, is the third-largest contributor of ocean plastic waste in the world, generating 2.7 millions tons of plastic waste annually. In general, over 17 billion plastics are thrown away in the ocean every year.


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