Thessaloniki, the city of my heart


picture of Thessaloniki bay

Thessaloniki. The city of my heart. Thessaloniki is a city where you feel like home. Thessaloniki has a people, who are hospitable. Thessaloniki is a place which makes you happy. Thessaloniki has a blue and pure sea. You can not only have fun and spend a good time, but you can also feel the moment and discover the soul of the city. Thessaloniki has its own style and views that you cannot find anywhere in Europe, Asia or America… After having lived here in Thessaloniki, you cannot be the same person you were before you came here. Thessaloniki gives you some piece of the city’s spirit that you must discover. You will take it with you and put it into your luggage. Together with all the memories, moments that you spent here, friends that you met, the breeze of the sea, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city, the nightlife… everything! Now, the bells are ringing for me,  it’s time to leave!

I lived six months in this city. I left half of my heart here, then I took all the positive vibes from here. Thessaloniki. The city of my heart.  The city that you will fall in love, without thinking about the reason. I put here some pictures. They do not need photoshop or filter. They have their own lights of the city and soul. Feel it and enjoy with them.

ευχαριστώ. Θεσσαλονίκη μου  Σ ‘αγαπώ! 

The photos made by Marta MARTINOVIC and Oznur COSAR

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