My analog diary


I feel words are often not enough to express what we experience. Sometimes I prefer to communicate through photography. I started to approach it when I was a child and I used to ask my parents to buy me a disposable camera every time I was going to a new place. I love walking randomly in the streets and let anything catch my attention. It is interesting to tell stories through the visual way because it is a universal language that everyone can understand. Since I studied anthropology, I have always been more into social and political photography. However, in this last year, I focused more on intimate and emotional photos.

The power of photography

When I decide to take photos, I just feel a particular sensation. It is a peculiar combination of ingredients. The moment, people I am with, colours, the atmosphere, feelings. I took so much time to understand it and not to be afraid to catch the moment. Sometimes I was scared to ruin the moment or to loose it and maybe sometimes it happened. But, usually, it is worth it because I will keep it all my life and I can dip into old memories whenever I want.
For me, the power of photography is amazing, you watch a photo and suddenly everything comes back to your mind. The conversation in that moment, how you were feeling, the track song that you were addicted to, what you ate that night, why you were laughing or why you argued with your friend the moment before.

These last months I have been a little bit unlucky with my analogue camera because I lost many films for technical problems, so, for the first time, I did the opposite. I will never see most of the photos of my trips around the islands of Greece. So, I will do the opposite process. I will keep all these unforgettable moments only in my heart and in my mind.
Here, there are some photos saved from the heat of the crazy greek sun. I hope you will have time to read the short description. For some I preferred to write personal thoughts, for others quotes from books, for others a song.

Thank you!

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