Midnight Marauders #7: Revolutions


This week we bring to you a very special and important episode: revolutions. Last Saturday, on the 25th of April, we celebrated two historical events.

In Italy, on the 25th of April 1945, the National Liberation Committee
declared insurgency against all fascists regimes. This date was chosen as Italy’s Liberation Day, commemorating the end of the Nazi occupation in the country.

In 1974, Portugal was finally free from its fascist regime and a very ferocious colonial war. A revolution finally arrived after almost 50 years of dictatorship, persecution, and oppression. Baptized as the Carnation Revolution, due to the presence of this flower on the guns of the military, it brought with it democracy and peace.

With Luís and Emma, we talk about this date, the meaning of it, and how the pandemic and militarized discourse around it can impact our democracies and lives.

Inês and Pablo

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