Balkan Beats 29 – Green


We are proud to announce that the 29th edition of Balkan Beats is online now! We have set up for you a green path full of curiosities and adventures. It will leave you breathless, come and have a look!


Would you like to know what should be the first step towards a waste-free life? Francesco tells us about the experience of two former volunteers and their expectations of improving our future. Our green path is full of surprises and Gizem draws us an extraordinary vegan map! After reading, you will thank her. Mario and Renata will let us discover hidden realities of our Thessaloniki: we don’t want to give you anything in advance, but you might be amazed.

Music festival, film, noteworthy character: we won’t tire you out, it’s a promise (sustainable)! This edition talks about Europe, but also about indigenous movements. Balkan Beats fights battles: against the plastic and the giants of the web. Elena and Amanda explain us how to do it, pay attention.

Travel, art and an eco-sustainable life. All this means “green” for us and we were looking forward to sharing it with you.

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