Irene con Random Radio Show: International Mother Language Day

In this special episode we celebrate the International Mother Language Day ☺️ With our wonderful guests in the studio we present our languages and play some music from our countries. Feel free to join us. It will be a ride. Buckle up 😅

The presenters of Random Radio Show and Irene con Amigos, surrounded by flags

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France: Wali Benia
Espain: Irene con Amigos
Poland: Agnieszka Trygar
Slovakia (the best country in the whole known world): Martin Naništa

Estonia: Marleen
France_2: Emma
France_3: Justin
Moldova/Romania: Dima
Italy: Umberto
Italy_2: Manu
Netherlands: Sacha

Post Author: Martin Naništa

Martin Naništa
Charismatic guy from Slovakia. Incorrect humour included. In love with cycling, hiking, books and freedom. #radioteam #graphics #runner #creative

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