Irene Con Amigos #2: Long-Distance Relationships

Amigas y amigos! Important question: how is your love life going? 😵
Need some tips? 🧐 Amazing Irene and Agnieszka are here to help you! 😍
This week, “Irene con amigos” with guest Arianna, will deal with long-distance relationships, and how to survive…or quit them. 

Post Author: Irene Cortés del Moral

Irene Cortés del Moral
I'm journalist, they say. I come from Spain but I never know where I'm going. Now I'm in Thessaloniki looking for good stories to hear, if you have any tell me and I'll invite you for a beer. I'm interested in people, their inquietude and the LGBTQI+ community. Oh, and I'm 22 years old.

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