Why are we proud that we don’t have time for anything?

white rabbit alice in wonderland
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There is nothing noble or honourable about boasting how our jobs and multiple occupations enslave us, and yet we do. Here we tell you why.

The illusion of success

“I don’t have time for anything” or “The day is not enough for everything I have to do” are phrases that we say and listen to continuously. Being tired and / or busy makes us feel strangely proud as if the world cannot keep spinning if we leave the office a little earlier. What a twisted idea of success we must have, since we confuse it with not being able to stop two seconds to do something we really want with someone we love. There is nothing noble or honourable about bragging on how our jobs and multiple occupations enslave us. However, we do. Why?

The first mistake

The first mistake we fall into is believing that being overworked is the same as being important; this is absolutely false. Significant people are those who have learned to be important to themselves first. This means that they are valued, cared for, and made time to do things they enjoy.

The second mistake

The second mistake we make is that of total availability; Today, thanks to technology, they can contact us at any time and on any day, which translates to answering “urgent” messages or emails at family dinner time. We no longer need to stay late in the office because we carry our jobs with us everywhere.

The third mistake

Finally, our third mistake and perhaps the most serious, is not to respect our priorities. For example, who is more important to you? Your best friend or co-worker you just met? Surely you answered your best friend, but, one you answer the messages immediately and the other you have been months without seeing him. Are you really consistent with your priorities?

Do you remember Mr White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? It was funny to see him running around in anguish because he was running late. Perhaps this is how we see ourselves every time we proudly announce that we have no time for anything other than running from one place to another. And then we forgot to take a walk in the garden, sit down for tea or have a race. All those things that made Wonderland really wonderful.

Let’s stop rejoicing that our time is busy and start spending time rejoicing.

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  1. Hey Helena,

    I really like and feel what you are writing. I just started in a new job and all my colleagues stay longer, “just to finish something”. I come in punctually and leave on time, because I did enough. It is also the feeling of “not enough time” what stresses us maybe.
    Thanks for sharing your article. It’s good food for thoughts.


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