“Whatever you’ll see, we are all migrants.”


On the 13th of June, a screening of some of Marco Castelli’s work took place in To Pikap. Marco is an Italian artist from Firenze currently volunteering in Fix in Art as part of the European Voluntary Service program. The money raised during his exhibition, on the theme of migration, went to Οικόπολις, a social center supporting refugees and homeless people.

The pictures he screened were displaying birds flying in flocks. Marco photographed them in the sky of Firenze and put the results in negative. He also increased the contrast, rendering them in a strong black and white. Then, he gathered them in a video, using Kai Engel’s music Daedalus as a powerful soundtrack.

Marco Castelli’s screening poster

In this screening, Marco explores the nature of movement and the overlaps between individuals and collective. This aesthetic seems to be inspiring him since we can also find it in one of his other works: A Micro Odyssey. In this series, he further puts into perspective the interactions between small and big scales. Indeed, microscopic bacteria colonies are forming stars and universes in a reversal of logic.

Prints of Marco’s photographs were sold for fundraising purposes.

The screening was also interesting in relation to the theme of migration. The phenomenon of murmuration (birds flying in flocks) is a question of survival for these birds. Flying alone or not following the group leaves them more vulnerable to predators. The same happens to refugees and migrants who are an easy target for criminals looking to extort money. Indeed, travelling in large groups provides a sense of community and solidarity as well as a better chance of safe passage and survival.

Thus, this work acts as a good reminder of our own journey, as individual as well as a group.

Whatever you’ll see, we are all migrants.

Marco Castelli
Stills of the birds’ flocks.

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