Blonde in Greece #3: Trip behind the Eastern border – Istanbul

Agnieszka in Istanbul
View on city from “secret rooftop”

Blonde in Greece? Hmm… I am probably waiting for better weather to start traveling in Greece. In the meantime, I was on the road again: this time to Istanbul! It was not my first trip to the city between two continents, but this time, it was a different adventure. Maybe because of the weather, maybe because I did not sleep in a hostel, but at a friend’s house.

City in my eyes

Sunset close to The Maiden’s Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi)

A city, that in my opinion could be a country. A place quite unique, not only because of its cultural values ​​and stories but also because of the people. You can find everything and everyone there. Compare: Poland has around 38 million people, while Istanbul, just one city, has 20 million. You can imagine the traffic jams on the streets, the crowds of people evading the sidewalk.

Where is the city center in Istanbul? When I asked citizens about it, they found it difficult to point out one and the same place. Buildings are set up there without any plan. It is worth finding a place with a panorama of the city and seeing it all at a glance.

The buzz and noise are constant. Car horns and people running between cars in the streets. Sellers in the bazaars urging people to approach their stand, as well as inviting places with food or drink.

What to visit? I will not tell you… Anyone who goes to this city will find the typical tourist places that must be seen on thousands of websites.

My advice: take a look at the people living there, talk to the sellers of food, although it can be hard in English. While sailing from Europe to Asia, go out into the open part of the ship and feel the wind in your hair and look at the gulls flying nearby. Just take the tea in your hand and sit by the Bosphorus. In the evening, go to a place where they play Turkish music. Try to feel the spirit of the city.

Paradise of food

You have a wide range of choices in Turkish cuisine

No matter where, no matter what time you always find something to eat in the city. This is quite special for me because in Poland, restaurants and food bars close before midnight (except kebab shops).

Let’s start with breakfast… Bread and Turkish tea is the basis, later sausage, eggs, white cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber, jam, honey, fruit and more and more and more. When you eat such a rich breakfast, you are not hungry for half of the day!

The Turkish cuisine is very rich and one of the best I have tried, there are many dishes to choose from and I think that everyone will find something for themselves. The food is mostly based on meat, bread and vegetables. It’s hard for me to list all and especially the best ones. Everyone has to go and see for yourself because it is worth it. Turkey has much more to offer than just kebab!!!

Are you hungry? I am!

Turkish hospitality

Agnieszka in Istanbul

People from Turkey are very open to welcoming guests to their home and showing them their country and culture. It was hard for me to pay for anything (I know, I am a girl). There is no problem with asking from the end of the mini bus driver when there is a stop with the metro. Sellers and restaurant owners are very kind and you feel that they respect every customer. I did not have internet in Turkey but someone always helped me, whether on the street or in a place with food.

It’s hard to not fall in love with this country. Do not take information about it from television or from people who never been here. Go, get your own experience and meet people from there. Visit Turkey!

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