The House of Shadow by Triantafyllos Vaitsis


Have you ever heard about the trash art? If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Xanthi, don’t miss the chance to explore this amazing place. It is a beautiful historical town created by Greek and Turkish culture, full of monuments, churches, museums, bars and restaurants. It is a perfect area to explore the beauty of the past and get inspired by The House of Shadow.

From trash to extraordinary art

The House of Shadow in Xanthi

The beauty of shadow. The beauty of art. The beauty of engineering.
The beauty of man’s talent.

A small museum with a huge impact – The House of Shadow. It is an unusual spot where a combination of engineering, art and trash meets. Triantafyllos Vaitsis creates sculptures made of rubbish that come to life with suitable lighting becoming different creations according to the optical viewpoint of the visitor. I am sure many of us have not ever seen anything like that before. The shadow creations of Triantafyllos are extraordinary. The gallery becomes even more incredible when the artist joins you and explains his ideas. Sculptures take a whole different shape in front of your eyes.

A small museum with a huge impact – The House of Shadow
A perfect example of a brilliant mind
The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning
Seeing a shadow you discover a new word made from the artist’s soul
What we see is always less than that we look at…
Light is drawing on the walls. Double shadows make contrasts.
A unique experience of art and imagination

For me, shadow art is so creative and original. Triantafyllos makes sculptures out of trash, created from plastic and metal. The unusual shapes are fascinating as they completely transform when a light is shone on it. The House of Shadow is a little museum that encourages the reuse of discarded materials in the production of amazing shadow art. I have never seen such an original, thought-provoking art exhibition in my life before. Triantafyllos shared his knowledge and amused me with his ideas, skills, hard work and talent. It was a lifetime experience. Everyone should visit the House of Shadows and let himself be impressed by this extraordinary art. 

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