The Season for Book Lovers


Recently, Thessaloniki wants to promote literature and trying to be book friendly. Some organisations are collaborating with each other to promote books and spring is the best choice for this kind of activities. The book bazaar that I have visited on 26th of April was the first book bazaar that is organised by a group of students from the faculty of law in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

NomikiThess, the group that organised this event, is a group of law students that are trying to deliver messages inside of the university. They want to promote human rights by events and be open to everyone’s attendance. Their projects are inside of the university and facilitate the function of every law student. They have a law magazine and a website where students can access useful information regarding their studies, the academic curriculum and important updates about the university. They can also express themselves by writing articles and poems, promoting their events such as something related to cinema or theatre.

How did they get prepared for the event? They started to collect the books voluntarily before the Easter period. The aim was to transfer the knowledge of the books and not just keep them in the libraries. For the day of the event, they decided to cook souvlaki to increase the interaction between people while they are enjoying their books. At the end of the event, the money that is earned would be donated to one of the associations that promotes human rights and the rights of children. 

To follow NomikiThess and their events, check out their Facebook page and their official website.

Grab a book and enjoy the taste of delicious souvlaki!

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