Road trip – Meteora & Pelion 2018


If you live in Thessaloniki, you probably already know that during weekends you have a lot of “ESCAPE” choices. The nearest places are Halkidiki, Mount Olympus, and Kavala. But if you are ready for a long weekend trip, a good option is Meteora, which is only 3 hours away from Thessaloniki.

So, this is what we did:

  1. we decided on one Thursday that we want to visit Meteora
  2. we rented a car for 4 people the next day
  3. started traveling
  4. had fun!

We spent one day in Meteora, being amazed by this rock formations. The next day, as we also wanted to enjoy the last day of summer, we decided to go to Pelion, a region near Volos, which is another 2-3 hours away from Meteora. In Pelion, we went for a hike and a refreshing swim and so, the weekend was over.

You can see the video of our road trip here:

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