Oh my sweet rakomelo!


In a corner of a small road close to Aristotelus square in Thessaloniki, you can immerse yourself in an evocative atmosphere. A place that reminds a literary café with lanterns, books on the shelves and Greek music in the air, but Αλλος Τροπος is also more than a café. Here you can drink and eat tasty dishes as the tradition suggests.

Αλλος Τροπος

Most of all this is the best place where taste the sweet ρακόμελο (rakomelo). Rakomelo is famous for being a Cretan drink, although there are some versions in other Greek islands. It is a digestive spirit made by combining raki or tsipouro with honey and several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, or other regional herbs. So healty!  The honey and the spices can offer some antioxidants and a small shot consumed in the evening (don’t get drunk!) it is often considered a home remedy for a sore throat.

What more? All the women should be interested in theatre… This particular drink was mentioned by Aristophanes, the great comedian writer of ancient Greece, who advised women to give their husband a glass of rakomelo in order to provoke their sexual feelings.


So take a sit and follow the Greek “spirit”.

If you order a dish of fresh fava with it, that is the perfect combination! At Αλλος Τροπος every dish is a delight for your mouth and your brain.

Take a sit in the peace of Αλλος Τροπος

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