A kind International day of Volunteering!

Photo: Mafalda Tenazinha
Photo: Mafalda Tenazinha

5th of December is the International Volunteer day since 1985 and the date is connected not only with celebrations, but also to show that by volunteering work, we are changing the world.

This year for the International Volunteering day, volunteers from Ethelon  (a network of volunteers) made a huge event with the name “Kindness Revolution”, which was running in Thessaloniki and Athens. Here, in Thessaloniki the event happened at WE as a hosting place, bigger enough to collect so much volunteering power.

15 kindness activities for one day, just to remind us, that together we are stronger.

The 1st event was called “Meals of Love” Social Cooking in ARSIS. For this the volunteers were cooking for homeless, refugees or just people in need. Working with other organizations, more than 260 plates of food found their owner and gave to someone’ s life a little hope for a better life.

The 2nd event was called “The Christmas elves” where the volunteers decorated the Christmas trees of blind kids, play with them and sang Christmas songs, just to help them to feel the spirit of Christmas, and showing them that they are not alone in the dark.

“Wrap your love” was the event’s name of well-known organization Check Point, which give some advises how to protect ourselves from HIV and other STDs, and tested for free the people that want to.

“Creativity Released” was a workshop in which, volunteers were making Christmas cards for homeless people. Decorated with different ideas and full of positive words, to support the people and to give them smiles.

Photos: Mafalda Tenazinha

After the flooding in Mandra, there are a lot of people in need. For them, during the International day of volunteering were collected and prepared the first hygiene kits and cleaning staff, which will be send to the people in need.

For sure, this is not the only day in the year that we have to help each other but by this activities the volunteers showed to the world the way to do it. The revolution of kindness! One big “Thank you” to everyone who brought a smile on someone’ s face. Thanks for the positive energy, for the kindness and for the time that you spend for the others. Remember, together we are strong and only together we will change the world! 

And don’ t forget to smile, maybe this is what someone needs to have a good day.

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