Walking through the Uppertown

walk tour in the upper town
The nterpretation of the city's history sometimes resembles stand-up comedy

The most beautiful part of Thessaloniki.

Štěpán Vranešic, reporter for Balkan Hotspot seted out there to make an podcast about Free Walking Tours, which interest many visitors every week. Listen his audio reportage to know more about this event that can make you understand Thessaloniki better. Walking through the Uppertown might be the next thing to add to your bucket list!

Group of participants is truly diverse.
signposts show distance and calories you'd burn by taking those paths
Signposts in Thessaloniki show distances and calories that you burn off by walking as well.
the most beautiful place in the city
David church is one of the most beautiful and valuable places in the city.
a place full of tiny streets
Uppertown in a place full of a small tiny streets.
walk tour in the upper town
The interpretation of the city’s history sometimes resembles stand-up comedy.
guide giorgios' small concert
The part of a tour is also a small concert of Rebetiko, tradicional greek music.

Free city tours take place every day. More informations you can find on the website thessalonikifreewalks.com.

Author: Štěpán Vranešic

Dramaturgy: Isciane Lallement

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