Football For All !


United Society of Balkans and Refugee Trauma Initiative organized ‘’Football for All’’ event on February 5th at the All Star Sport Center. During this event held between the organisations, young refugees and volunteers played football together.

With the football for all project, United Society of Balkans wants to show that everyone can play football, everywhere, under all conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, young, a girl or boy at this football event.

The organisation brings together the young volunteers with the football event. The event can break down barriers among these groups in the community and can help them become more active members of the society. In addition, topics such as gender equality and the anti-racist movement are also covered during the event.

Football is very important for the majority of society. Football clubs are at the heart of many communities – they unite people on and off the pitch and give many people a sense of belonging. Exclusion based on your skin color, gender, sexual oreantation and other differences has no place in football.

The Football for all project is important for refugees and immigrants to integrate in to social life, and for people from different cultures to come together and communicate.

It focused on bringing people together regardless of country, nationality, cultural status, etc.

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