Flea Market at Helexpo!


The third and fourth of June was the second session of the Flea market. But, what is it?  The Flea Market is a place where you can find clothes, antiquities, craft products like soap, jewels, perfume, but also vinyls, old cameras, books and food,  in good prices.

Copyright: Lorenzo Sciuca

The Flea Market is not just about sell, it’s the opportunity to discover, share and exchange things, and about human relationship. Good vibes, good music, good weather, everything was okay to having a good time. The majority of the sellers were not professional sellers but all of them were very professional. Some of them were sold their craft things but also their old personal stuffs. They were here in the aim to share with the other, to discover and also to have more visibility from potentials future clients.

Copyright: Lorenzo Sciuca

Most of the sellers were already their last year and they will also participate to the next one. They truly take some pleasure to take a part of this project because they meet people, find things and also buy old things with differents stories.

As the organizer says: it’s the opportunity to have new clients but also have new friends and have a good time with music and good vibes. All the sellers were not professional but they really took the time to speak and give advices to people who were interested by their things. Even if they are not all professional, they took their roles in a serious way.

Two banners, one of United Societies of Balkans, the other of Thrift Store and Flea Market Helexpo
Copyright: Lorenzo Sciuca

What about organizers?? They were here and their roles were to be aware for all the event, from 10 am to 10 pm. They had to be here in case of something bad happened  or for technical stuffs… But luckily,everything was good and without problem. If you want show your work to or just to sell your old things, the Flea market is the best place for this.

You want to sell your old things or your craft products? You want to participate to the next session? It’s simple! Just go on their Facebook page:

Check it out: www.facebook.com/GreeceFleaMarket.

Copyright: Lorenzo Sciuca

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