First feelings in Thessaloniki


It has already been a week since I’ve arrived in Thessaloniki. I have just seen a few places but I feel like I am going to spend a really good time here.

I don’t actually know a lot about Greece, but I think this is good. This way, I will taste better the pleasure of discovery as happened the day I arrived.

Umbrellas in Thessaloniki
The “Umbrellas”, work of art by the sculptor Giorgios Zoggolopoulos located along Nea Paralia.

After my arrival at the airport, during the route to reach my accommodation, I was in the car so focused on seeing every building, square, road and person. I felt like a kid who enters a candy shop for the first time and doesn’t know where to start.

Anyway, the first impression I had was so confused. We were in the middle of the traffic, people were driving freestyle and honking, and riding their scooters so casually without wearing their helmets. There were roadworks everywhere and the buildings seemed a bit decadent to me. Therefore I thought: “Where the hell have I landed?” But I changed my mind pretty soon.

Once I reached the house and met my housemates, who made me feel more secure because they are such gentle people, I decided to have a walk around just to get my bearings.

So I went to the seaside and I saw totally another kind of city. It was a Thursday evening and it was so full of life! I found myself walking in this fantastic waterfront street called Nikis Avenue. I had the sea on the right and on the left a parade of bars, one cooler than the other. People around me were so relaxed, enjoying their time very simply. I think they have got a sort of power because indirectly they took me in the same mood. As a result I felt confident and happy to have taken the decision of coming here in Thessaloniki to spend my EVS experience.

First impression of Thessaloniki during EVS experience: view of the city from Kastra
View from the Kastra of Thessaloniki at sunset.

I think this is a place with more than one face and I will try to discover each of these to figure out which belongs more to me.

I am sure I will love this city, I will love all of Greece. This I’ve especially realized after I ate my first real gyros sandwich.

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  1. Very lovely article, Umberto. Good luck with further explorations of Thessaloniki and also Greece in general. This place has a lot to offer .

  2. Welcome to Thessaloniki, Umberto! I’m sure you will enjoy your time here. Looking forward to your future articles! 😉


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