First feelings in Thessaloniki


For me, street photography is the best way to discover Thessaloniki. Behind my camera, I can get closer to people; it allows me to feel more integrated to this foreign country. When I travel with my camera, I feel different, I feel good. I am not trying to capture the ” best picture”, the most aesthetic one, or the most beautiful one. I like to manage to freeze in time one short second. It could appear insignificant to most of the people, but it reveals the natural beauty of a dynamic city, never silent. I walk through the streets, and I seize the moment. Photography is the best part of my travel, I can show the real appearance of Thessaloniki, and not only the most fashionable one, what we can see on postcards.

Oscar Wilde

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

For my first journey with my camera, I went to the train station district to capture daily and simple moments of the Greek way of life.

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