European Union Youth Orchestras’ outstanding performance


Those of us volunteers who have an interest in classical music got our money’s worth last week. On Thursday, June 25th, the European Union Youth Orchestra played the last concert of their spring tour in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and their performance was truly outstanding. 

The orchestra is bringing music and politics together

The theme of this year’s Spring Tour programme is motivated by two critical societal issues: democracy and climate change. Both have influenced the musical lineup and the collaborative aspect of the tour. These principles are very important to them as EU cultural ambassadors promoting the EU’s greatest aspirations. The first half of the event highlights three characteristics of democracy via music: equal voices, participation, and shared leadership. By working with these metaphors, the political discourse becomes clear. 

The second half consisted of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. This is an allusion to what climate scientists have been predicting for decades: the devastating consequences of climate change if humanity proceeds like this. This data has been utilized to modify and adapt Vivaldi’s original composition, providing us with a musical representation of what climate change means to the world. The focus on the climate crisis was what stuck with me the most afterwards. Especially since there was given a presentation on climate change and biodiversity loss as an introduction. The musical design paints a very clear, but dark picture of the future.

The orchestras’ history

The EUYO is the flagship for the European idea and an important cultural institution for the youth. The orchestra, founded in 1976, has been an emblem of cultural cooperation and unity within the European Union. It brings together exceptional young musicians from across Europe. Providing them with a unique platform to collaborate, learn, and share their passion for music. The musicians – ranging from 16 to 26 years old – come from every Member State of the European Union. The quality that this orchestra displays during its concerts is something exceptional.

The energy, passion, the love that drives each musician during the performance is admirable. The audience can tell that the musicians share a special bond with each other. 

The European Union Youth Orchestra’s concert in Thessaloniki on the 25th of May 2023 was an extraordinary evening that celebrated the harmonious blend of European cultural diversity.

Thessaloniki was privileged to witness this unforgettable performance, a true testament to the power of music in transcending borders and creating lasting connections. 

The EUYO, renowned for nurturing and showcasing Europe’s most talented young musicians, enchanted the audience with a captivating performance that demonstrated the harmonious unity of European cultural diversity.

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