Contrasting Sides of Thessaloniki 


The East Side

The eastern part of Thessaloniki, where also the Erasmus House is, is often perceived as sketchy and intimidating. The area near the train station and Saloniki Mall, in particular, has a reputation for being less safe, especially at night. Young people tend to avoid this part of the city, and mentioning that you live there often elicits shocked reactions.
It’s not the safest place to walk, either at night or even during the day. Sometimes I indeed felt uneasy because of the unusual people I encountered. However, despite this, I found myself oddly liking the area. It reminded me a lot of an apocalyptic, futuristic dystopian urban city. There’s something about these vibes that I really enjoyed. The brutalist buildings added to this unique atmosphere. I often took long walks while listening to synthwave and vaporwave music, which made me feel surreal but in a good way.

The West Side

In stark contrast to the east, the western part of Thessaloniki has beautiful houses and nice architecture. This area exudes a sense of elegance and tradition, with well-maintained buildings and picturesque streets that invite leisurely strolls and admiration.

The architecture here reflects the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. From neoclassical mansions to modernist structures. The streets are often lined with trees, and there is a palpable sense of community and safety that makes this part of the city highly desirable.

To illustrate these two differences in the sides I took several pictures. In the east, the photos showcase the abandoned buildings, and the raw, industrial feel that permeates the streets. I hope these images can evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.In the west, the photographs depict elegant facades and lush greenery. The architectural details stand out, with intricate designs and historical elements that tell the story of Thessaloniki’s past. These images capture the serene and welcoming atmosphere that defines this part of the city.

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