Blonde in Greece #5: Thassos, tips for thrifty people


Cześć! Hello! It’s time to describe another of my trips in Greece. This time, I chose the island of Thassos as the destination of my journey. Why this place? The island is located near the city where I am currently living in, Thessaloniki. It is in front of the city of Kavala and the ticket for the ferry is not so expensive. So ideal for a volunteer running out of money at the end of the month.

Agnieszka in front of the sunrise
Sunrise from the monastery of St Arhangel Mihail

How to get there

The bus from Thessaloniki to Kavala is about 16 euro. You can always try hitchhiking but, if you do not have much time for a vacation, it is better to avoid this mode of transport. I know from experience that it can be difficult to hitchhike in Greece. For the ferries, you have several companies and itineraries to choose from. But be prepared, there is often a lot of madness going on between the cars, scooters or bicycles. The basic price in one direction for a passenger is 5 euro. Travel time is about one and a half hour.

Picture of a beach
Aliki beach


After such a long journey, it’s time for a meal. If you want some tips for an economical rally, I can only offer shopping in a supermarket or buying a cheap meal like Gyros. It is only about 3 euro. For non-carnivores, there is always some way out: for example, you can find some options in bakeries or snacks for about 2 euro.

Moving around the island

As I mentioned earlier, in Greece it is difficult to hitchhike, but on the island I feel that it is easier. It’s worth a try (0 euro) because you can always get some advice about the island on the road. There is also buses (the price depends on the distance, but count about 5 euro). The downside of such a means of transport is that you do not visit every place you want to and you lose time waiting. But in the end you always get something else. To get from one end of the island to another one, you need one hour, as Thassos is not a very large area.

Agnieszka in Marble beach
Marble beach


To follow my advice for a cheap accommodation, you first need a tent. You can risk free camping (0 euro) or go in a special place for tents and campers. In the period of July – August you will pay about 7 euro per night for camping. If you can not stay long without access to a shower and a comfortable bed and you want to find an accommodation for about 3 persons at the last minute, the costs are high in hotels – above 100 euro (so we do not recommend). In smaller hotels though, for 3 persons a night, you will pay about 40 euro after a bit of bargaining.

But one of the most amazing experiences for us was an accommodation in a monastery. This story is good for another article though! The only thing I can write is that it can not be treated like an hotel and it is not certain that you will be accepted by the nuns.

Sunset in Prinos port
Sunset in Prinos port

Some final words…

To sum up this experience: Thassos has many lovely places and pretty beaches, so it’s worth going there. When you have about three free days, I sincerely recommend it.

Is the island of Thassos your next vacation destination? If yes, do not forget to take me with you. Kisses!

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