Balkan Beats 26 – Difference?


Finally, our 26th edition of Balkan Beats is now released! As we are in the middle of the European Week Against Racism (16-24 March), in this edition we also celebrate (and question) what makes us feel and look at each other as different instead of truly appreciating our similarities, our idiosyncrasies and resemblances.

In the 26th edition, we chose to bring the topics to our readers in an unusual way, to show a different angle. Such as a personal letter from a refugee to the people in countries that have accepted refugees (page 4).

As art is always a good way to approach ideas that are different, Eglė Puodžiūnaitė gives a review of the exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh, which took place in Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center. Check how it was for her to experience art through a digital system on page 14.

Sacha Bogaers is writing about how motivation and an important change can start from people we wouldn’t expect. It is a story about the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg (more on page 26).

In this edition, you can also find out how a controversial approach made a huge change in Portuguese society on drug use, written by André Cruz (page 20). On page 42, Wali Benia gives us a short overview of four books about the Holocaust. Check it out to have some new readings!

You will find this and many more articles in our 26th edition. We have worked hard to bring you a wide range of ideas, angles and different ways of thinking. Hopefully, you will enjoy the reading and do not forget to participate in our European Action Week Against Racism events!

Balkan Beats 26th edition – Difference?

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