Baklava Mag presents: Call for Submissions!


Baklava Mag, a brand new youth magazine, a cultural bridge between Turkish and Greek youth, is looking for your support!

Baklava Mag is getting prepared to welcome volunteers who are between 18 and 30 years old, with knowledge and interest in art, pop culture, languages, social relations, sports and global issues. It is going to be the first and only youth magazine of both Turkey and Greece. It aims to create a venue for the fresh perspective of the youth population of Turkey and Greece and to introduce them to each other via well-known channels such as an online independent magazine.

The official language of the platform is English; however, Greek and Turkish subtitles will be available for the readers when it is needed.

The article submissions are on a weekly basis and all tasks are voluntary based.

Interested? Just click on the link below and fill in the form.

Application Link

For further information, please contact via

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