Adventure time in Lefkada

Shadows of Lefkada trip

When you think about Greece, you for sure also have in your mind the spectacular Greek islands and beaches.

I can say that this summer I saw quite a few of them and I realized that each of them is very different, in its own way. So this is why I don’t think it’s fair for people to make rankings of the Greek Islands. But for sure Lefkada has some breathtaking landscapes. If you come to Greece for the turquoise water, white sands and for wild beaches, Lefkada is a good choice for you.

I went on a trip to Lefkada in the beginning of May. We were 6 people that hitchhiked from Thessaloniki to the island. We camped, rented quads and enjoyed every single thing!

See the video of our adventure in Lefkada :

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