A Human Tour of Thessaloniki

A Human tour of Thessaloniki
A Human tour of Thessaloniki

A Human Tour of Thessaloniki is a simple Anthropological map, marking the most interesting persons I got to meet during my stay in the city. It includes a picture of each, plus a description of how one can find them and suggested motivations to do so. It is, of course, very personal – but always open for suggestions!

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A Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Πατέρας Αθηναγόρας

Father Athinagoras

After his ordination, Πατέρας Αθηναγόρας asked to be sent on a mission, hoping to fulfil his dream of departing to Africa. However, he was told “don’t worry, we have Africa here as well”. A few time later, he was founding Φάρος του Κόσμου (The Lighthouse of the World) in Dendropotamos, where the city’s biggest Roma community is established, aiming to prevent the marginalization of children with a difficult family background. Πατέρας Αθηναγόρας and the organization are always open-armed to new volunteers and ideas to develop educational activities!

A Human Tour of Thessaloniki - ΦΙΞ in Art

FIX in Art

ΦΙΞ in Art is a local association, situated in one of the oldest (if not the oldest) beer factories of Greece. It is an amazing space to explore, filled with cultural activities and curious characters. So many, and from such a wide range of different countries (furthermore, always changing, coming and going), that it is impossibile to individuate someone inside this collective. Also: Feel free to offer your arms and ideas to their initiatives!

A Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Βασίλης

Vasilis G.

If you are searching for an excelent teacher of Greek dances, or you want to learn Turkish –  Βασίλης is the right choice! Additionally, he has endless Pontiac tales and Anthropological curiosities to share about the culture of the Black Sea! Just ring at ΖΑΦΑΡΑΣ 4.

 A Human Tour of Thessaloniki -
 Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki

Dimitris Κ.

Officially retired, but without time to retirement. You can contact the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki asking to schedule a meeting with Dimitris Kaloudis, in the days he will go there to help. In addition, you can try to ask the hospital for a guide visit, to get to know the incredible work that is being developed there – and fabulous persons, such as Κύριος Στέλιος, Κύριος Κώστας, Κύριος Νίκος, and many others… Volunteers for further dynamism of the hospital’s activities are always welcome!

A Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Ταβέρνα Το Ρολόι

Taverna The Clock

Lets be very discreet and respectful about this one: The myth says its Thursday nights are musical and Anthropologically special…

The Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki Free Walks

Giorgos S.

Creator of the Thessaloniki Free Walks. These walks generally depart from the Church of Prophet Elijah at 14:00, and are an excelent iniciation to the history of the city and its Ρεμπέτικα (Rebetika, a musical genre) culture.

The Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Βέργες Λάγες

Christos K.

Κύριος Χρήστος can be found at Βέργες Λάγες (Verges Lages). I met him by chance at Ειρηνή (Irini), one of our favourite taverns in the island of Lesvos. We exchanged a couple a of beers; and, when I got back to Thessaloniki, I could verify that casual meetings can give place to wonderful reencounters by invitation – and, who knows, all of this might end up in good friendships! Well, now it is my turn to invite you to get to know this curious character; and maybe ask for news about that crazy island…

The Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Bit Bazar

Bit Bazar

An Anthropological well! During the morning, an extensive street market full of the most random objects – which is an open door for many cultural aspects which, more or less veiled, are still kept alive in this city. During the afternoon, a complex o cafes, ideal to reflect about the Human experience of Thessaloniky.

The Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Sotos Zachariadis

Sotos Ζ.

I met Σώτος in a radio interview for Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll. Painter, story-teller, and fluent in the language of μπουζούκι (bouzouki, traditional instrument). Σώτος has his studio always open to anyone interested in getting to know his wonderful Art of Living.

The Human Tour of Thessaloniki - Σαραϊ

Chursuzidis K.

Κύριος Χουρσουζίδης works at Σαραϊ, a little traditional store with sweets Της Πόλης (from actual Istanbul), always wearing a very characterist chef hat! Noteworthy, just as much as the sweets, his smile can surely warm the day of those who pass by. 

Costas P.

You can meet him at Κατσαμάκα (Katsamaka), famous for its πίτα γύρος (pita gyrus). Smilling and joking, he is the perfect catalyst for any idle talk! Plus, chances are high that you will find Σώτος there as well. Together with the people at “Η Γωνιά του Μερακλή” (I Gonia tou Merakli, being merakli the one who knows how to Live well) and Κύριος Χουρσουζίδης, they make this one of the most Anthropologically interesting food corners of Thessaloniki. 

Panagiotis T.

Owner of the Πάρε-Δώσε, a small big shop in which one can find from rare CDs and vinyls, to amazing books and movies… To those searching for an afternoon of musical exploration and a good conversation, this might be the ideal point for a stop.

F. Gérard

In the entrance of the building you will find an arrow pointing to the door of this secular monk, who hides drawers full of fantastic drawings – most made in very rough periods of his Life, in which he was constrained to remain in bed. Across those notebooks, one can clearly see the imaginative power that arises in times of crisis! Those who lay their eyes on them will will be taken on a journey through North Africa’s squares; Greek, Italian, and Spanish streets; oneiric monasteries… Furthermore, Fray Gérard could likely use an extra hand to some of the actions which are part of his mission in Thessaloniki.

The caption for A Human Tour of Thessaloniki:

Where I used to Live; the starting point of my Anthropological journey

Volunteering opportunity included

Danger: Artistic manifestations

Anthropological tips available

Food for Anthropology

Historical knowledge included

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