5 films you should watch at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


The 19th edition of the documentary festival in Thessaloniki is opening today. The acclaimed event screens 213 documentaries from all around the world for the next ten days. With such an impressive program, it can be quite a challenge to decide which ones you should go watch. But fortunately, we teamed up with the festival to give you 5 recommendations.

By Signe Demant Hansen

Fernanda PESSOA, Brazil, 2017 (International Competition section)

Stories our Cinema (did) not Tell

Through the dark times of the Brazilian dictatorship a very unexpected film genre had its heydays; the pornochanchadas.
The genre was a combination of eroticism but still with a popular approach. Fernanda Pessoa tries to depict this period in Brazil
with a mix of images and sounds from the pornochanchadas movies.
The film is part of the international competition section, which is a new feature at the festival.

Olympion: Mon, March 6 – 18:00
Stavros Tornes: Tue, March 7 – 20:30

Zaradasht AHMED, Norway, Sweden, 2016 (Human Rights section)

Nowhere to Hide

The film centers around one of the most urgent issue of our times; refugees. We follow Nori Sharif through five years in Iraq.
He finds himself trapped between ISIS and the Iraqi militias while at the same time trying to save his own family.

Frida Liappa: Wed, March 8 – 18:00
Olympion: Thu, March 9 – 20:30

Ulrich SEIDL, Austria, 2016 (Habitat section)


The Austrian provocateur director has created a captivating and at the same time brutal story about hunting in Africa.
German and Austrian hunting tourists travel in the hopes of shooting impalas, zebras, gnus and other exotic animals
while sobbing with excitement. A documentary about travel and killing.

Stavros Tornes: Fri, March 3 – 23:00
Olympion: Tue, March 7 – 20:30

Andreas JOHNSEN, Denmark, 2016 (Food vs Food section)


Is the future of food bugs? That’s the question Andreas Johnsen is asking in his documentary.
Three young chefs travel around the world to taste the unknown and explore how to incorporate it in today’s food.
The film is part of a new festival segment, with food-related documentaries.

John Cassavetes: Fri, March 3 – 17:30
Olympion: Tue, March 7 – 13:00

Vitaly MANSKY, Germany, Russia, 2005 (Vitaly Mansky tribute)

Gagarin's Pioneer

In this documentary, the legendary, Russian filmmaker asks one of the most essential questions: What is home?
Back in 1973 he was admitted to the organization “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin” in the USSR – his home at that time.
In the film he reaches out to his former classmates who are now living all around the world.
They talk about the past, homeland and the different sides of life. Vitaly Mansky will attend the festival and talk about his works.

Frida Liappa: Wed, March 8 – 13:30

The screenings will take place in the many cinemas by the port of Thessaloniki and in Olympion.
Besides the many documentaries the festival daily hosts several other events during the week related to the festival.
You can read more and check out the rest of the program on www.filmfestival.gr. Buy your tickets here: http://tickets.filmfestival.gr

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