Samothraki: The Mysterious Island of the Great Gods

Volunteers are in Samothraki

Samothraki is the place to go when looking for a different trip than the other Greek island vacation. This island is a unique, mysterious island as they say it is a very special place. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods and Winged Victory is the main ancient area of the island. 

If you are tired of the calm atmosphere in Thessaloniki, especially in summer, you should visit this island located in the northern Aegean Sea. Samothraki is one such island that is the perfect holiday destination for young people. I think that’s what makes the candidate special. 

Samothraki is one of the islands in Greece where people choose free camping. There are two different campsites on the island. The first one is a private camping area. If you don’t have the equipment you can choose this camping site. But the second one is the semi-organized camping area, which is more preferred by people. There are showers, toilets and electricity in this area. There is also a bar where people meet and have fun in the camping.

There are many things to see and do in Samothraki which features landscapes of unique beauty. The island is rich in natural beauty and a good option for nature lovers in summer. Samothraki is well-known for its many rock pools and waterfalls, known as “vathres”. The most popular ones are the Vathra of Fonias and Gria Vathra. People meet on the square in Therma during the night and they sit at the kafeneio which is the most popular place on the square. 

The most popular way to reach Samothraki is by ferry from Alexandroupolis. The ferry ride takes around two hours. After reaching the island, you will see a bus that goes to free camping. Hitchhiking also is the most popular way of getting around on this island. If you are not a big group I think it’s pretty easy. There is also public transportation on the island. However, in our opinion, the most enjoyable way to get around the island was to rent a motorcycle. It wasn’t very expensive either.

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