Will bars and tavernas survive in Greece?

Stella, owner of a Greek taverna

It’s been more than three months since Greek bars and tavernas had to close their businesses after the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic hit hard in Thessaloniki, Greece. In a country where 1 million people are estimated to work in the foodservice industry, these tough restrictions are having a big economic impact on the owners’ lives.

The state order forbids any foodservice business to open their doors and welcome any client neither inside or outside at the terrace. The Greek Government has approved different plans to help the most affected sectors, but it turned out that the owners are accumulating debts and still having no income. Other sectors like retail have been able to open on and off during the imposition of the measures, but the catering industry has been left behind during the whole situation.

Get to know the story of Stella Roviou, the owner of Kanoula, a traditional Greek taverna that has been opened for 21 years in Thessaloniki; the dream of Mánia and Dimos, a couple who started out the night bar Nagô in 2019; and the uncertainty of Nikolaos, a chef who is now receiving the minimum wage from the State and staying at home.

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  1. Hey, I just watched this video/docu and I just wanted to say that I thought it was really good! Good interviews, real stories, nice camera-work and editing. Doing well 🙂 Best wishes from a former volunteer!


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