Balkan Beats #19

#BalkanBeats is online! 💥 Here it is
Edition 19 | April-May read about #travel in #Greece, the story of Abdulazez Dukhan (Abdulazez Dukhan’s Portfolio), #TurkishCoffee or the #EVSlife of Iva Veneva, learning some tips about #podcast and see some pictures of the Civil March For Aleppo in Thessaloniki
Check it out on issuu

👨🏼‍💻 👩🏽‍💻 Borja, Carmen, Ebru, Rino, Signe, Valentina, Jack, Mar, Kasper, Silvia, Alexandre, Vera, Lorenzo, Burhan, Virginie, Mafalda Jonathan and SamSam
🖌 Pantelis Moustache Toutounopoulos


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