Aphorism and Thessaloniki


I’ve been pretty much in between thinking about the topic of my last article on this blog. While there are many more stories that I want to write and share, the purpose of choosing this topic today was to touch on the things that brought me to this city. So here are my aphorisms about Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki seaside

Fake it Till You Make it

How do you get yourself to a point of believing? Start make-believing. Be like a child, and make-believe. Act as if you have it already. As you make-believe, you will begin to believe you have received.

— Rhonda Byrne, The Secret (2006)

Well, you might ask, what does “fake it till you make it” mean and what has it to do with the story?

The reason I chose this aphorism is because I actually think it works! We choose various ways to achieve what we aim for in life such as success, happiness, positive life, health, peace and many more.

And let’s face it, achieving good results and loving life isn’t always easy. We often encounter difficulties, obstacles and more but if we consider that life is a flow, everything becomes a little more meaningful.

Go with the Flow

Accepting whatever we aim at with an optimistic mindset, in other words, if we “fake it” we have more possibilities to actually “make it”.

“When you learn to flow with life, you discover the way to just be. When you simply are, you are happy!”

Perhaps the most real thing about time is that it never stops. Waiting to do something affects the whole flow. Of course, although taking action is not always the right way. I learned from my own observations and the point I have reached that everything is not luck or fate, but to be in harmony with the flow. because time is ticking, and this brings us to another issue:

You Only Live Once

It doesn’t matter what we believe. Yes, maybe our soul will return to this world again but we will never be where we are now: our lives and our realities. Therefore, it is useful to remember that we live only once, but not every moment, but in important moments.

The moments that work best for me are, of course, the moments when I fear the most and withdraw. Sometimes I really don’t understand: How can a word drive me to do something?

I would say, you shouldn’t think too much about it. We only live once anyway. Once we fall into this flow and there are so many “moments” to remind you that life is a bittersweet gift. We just have to run after it and catch it.

Thessaloniki seaside


Before I came to this city, I was dealing with so many different things and I couldn’t really understand what I was in. maybe Thessaloniki was ajar door, and I opened it.

Fortunately, that door appeared in front of me and I went in. It was a nice experience to spend 7 months in a city that is so similar to my home town, yet so different. It is a city that confirms all the aphorisms I have mentioned and shows me what I have done in my whole life. It will always mean something from now on when someone says “Thessaloniki”.

There will be so much to tell, so many things to suggest, so many memories to think of.

Thank you beautiful city, lovely people and my dear team.

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