Clothes and self-confidence.


It’s not just clothes, it’s more.

”Dress well, excel well. Looking good boosts confidence, leading to optimal performance” said Thomas J. Stanley, an award-winning American writer and business theorist. He was using this quote to motivate people, and make them aware of how self-confidence helps to reach success. In this article I will explain my point of view on this connection between clothes and self-confidence.

To introduce the subject and make it clear for you, let’s take the context of a fashion runway. The connection to self-confidence lies in how individuals, like models on the runway, embody and express confidence through their attire. The runway serves as a visual representation of diverse personalities and situations just like we encounter various people in society. By emphasising attention to details in getting dressed, individuals can enhance their self-confidence, as the choices they make reflect their self-expression and identity. The runway becomes a metaphor for the personal “show” one puts on daily, contributing to a sense of empowerment and confidence in our appearance.

How to express yourself through your outfit ? 

First, get to know yourself and show the aspect of your personality through the language of clothes. Clothes reflect something, and you must understand it and use it to your advantage to express yourself. When your personality is in agreement with what you wear, you’ll have this impression of being ”well dressed” and that charisma emanates from you. Another point to improve your outfits is by learning more about what fits you, or not, before “dressing well” you’ll have to try a lot of new things.

Getting dressed-up is an art, which needs to be practised. The more you show interest in fashion, the more your outfit will be accurate and in accordance with your personality. You’ll discover how to use colorimetry, accessories, your silhouette, your attitude, your hair etc. Those are the details that can make your outfit more impactful. Another aspect about your outfit is that it should match the situation you’re in. It is another way to make yourself comfortable in the place you currently reside at and not feel excluded. 

The process of being self-confident through clothes is evolving and restarting through your entire life. There is no defined way to be “well dressed”, as long as you feel good in what you wear. Simply put, that means it fits you. 

To conclude and understand what it takes to be ”well dressed” is to find a balance between the triangle of your personality, what you wear and where you are going. When you can more or less match those three, you’ll feel self-confident.

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